Neonyx Cruises' New Ship Goddess of the Night is Ready for Its First Tour

Neonyx Cruises' New Ship Goddess of the Night is Ready for Its First Tour

Neonyx Cruises is preparing to return its long-awaited renovated ship to the seas. The cruise ship, formerly known as "Mykonos Magic", went through a comprehensive renovation process in Turkey and became ready to go on its first tour under the name "Goddess of the Night".

Comprehensive Renovation Process

The renovation works carried out in Turkey gave the ship a modern and luxurious appearance. Neonyx Cruises officials stated that they made major changes to both the interior and exterior of the ship during the renovation process. The new decoration aims to offer passengers a comfortable and unforgettable travel experience. In addition, the restaurants, bars, and entertainment areas on the ship have been completely renewed and brought to today's highest standards.

New Name, New Beginning

By changing the name of the ship to "Goddess of the Night", Neonyx Cruises aims to offer a fresh start to both old passengers and new adventurers. This name change aims to reflect the ship's renewed image and the luxury services it offers. Company officials stated that the new name emphasizes the nightlife of the ship and the entertainment it offers.

First Round Details

The ship "Goddess of the Night" will go on its first tour in the fascinating waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean. Its first stops include popular destinations such as Istanbul, Santorini, and Mykonos. Neonyx Cruises stated that this route will offer passengers the opportunity to discover both historical and natural beauties. The 2,720-guest capacity ship will offer an adults-only service with a focus on entertainment and will sport a new look that includes a black hull adorned with mythology and musical themes.

Customer Satisfaction and Security

The company is determined to keep customer satisfaction and security at the highest level. The refurbished ship is equipped with international maritime standards and safety measures have been carefully reviewed. It was also stated that the ship's staff was specially trained and ready to provide the best service to its guests.

Reservations Started

Reservations are now open for the first tour of the "Goddess of the Night" cruise. Neonyx Cruises stated that they would be happy to host everyone who wants to experience this unforgettable experience on their ships. Aiming to offer passengers a unique holiday experience with new ships and new routes, the company is ready to set sail for a new adventure on the seas.

Are you ready to be fascinated by the seas with Neonyx Cruises' renovated ship "Goddess of the Night"? For reservations and more information, you can visit Neonyx Cruises' website.