21.06.2021 09:56:06

Anchovy Festival in Bodrum

Organized by the Bodrum Black Sea Culture and Solidarity Association every year, the 5th anchovy Festival was held on January 12, 2020, at Bodrum Pier Square.

20.06.2021 09:54:00

Turkish Maritime Education Foundation Alumni Association

The Foundation was established under the leadership of the Chamber of Shipping. The Turkish Maritime Education Foundation was formed by 52 founding members, thanks to the financial and moral contributions of the entire marine community.

19.06.2021 09:51:00

Ordu Fatsa Maritime Alumni Association

The association aims to keep maritime graduates together and bring them together under the same roof in sectoral terms.

18.06.2021 09:49:00

Kocaeli University Karamürsel Maritime Schools Alumni Association

The first graduates of the school started their profession 23 years ago. From this point of view, the graduates of the school have started to make great contributions to the sector in real terms.

17.06.2021 07:47:00

Bülent Ecevit University Maritime Faculty Students and Alumni Association

Bülent Ecevit University Maritime Faculty Students and Alumni Association, whose short name is BÜDEMDER, was established in 2007.

22.12.2020 09:27:00

IU Maritime Transportation Business Engineers Alumni Association

21.12.2020 11:54:00

Ziya Kalkavan Anatolian Maritime Vocational High School Alumni Association

20.12.2020 11:14:00

Marmara Seafarers Association

19.12.2020 11:08:00

Maritime and Shipyard Members Association

23.10.2020 13:23:00

All Seafarers' Association Sailing Ship Training Association

22.10.2020 13:08:00

All Seafarers' Association

21.10.2020 13:02:00

Dokuz Eylul Maritime Faculty Alumni Association

19.10.2020 12:10:00

Seafarers' Solidarity Association

18.10.2020 12:07:00

Seamen Students Association

17.10.2020 12:53:00

Bodrum Seafarers Association