27.06.2022 12:01:00

5 European Cities You Can Visit By Renting a Boat Daily

Daily boat rental is an activity that facilitates people's travel plans and makes them much more enjoyable.

27.01.2022 10:33:43

How are Sailing Model Ship Models Prepared?

Model sailing ship is one of the most preferred models among ship models and one of the most loved by collectors. It is among the more impressive ship types with its appearance and magnificence.

20.01.2022 18:28:53

How to Respond to Ship Fires?

One of the most worrying issues in the maritime business is ship fires. How to extinguish sea fires and ship fires?

31.12.2021 16:35:00

Sailor Concept for New Year's Tables

With the sailor concept, you can set a much more beautiful and warm New Year's table in the new year. As the new year approaches, everyone has a sweet new table rush.

29.12.2021 16:31:00

Make Your Loved Ones Happy with Specially Designed Desk Calendar Models!

A desk calendar is a special and versatile product that can be presented as a gift. You can gift it to your colleagues, loved ones, or family.

28.12.2021 16:29:00

Nuclear Superyacht: Earth 300 Features

Nuclear Superyacht: The prediction that the Earth 300 ship will save the world is very high. Built primarily as the world's largest superyacht and also for a vital mission, this ship will be used as an exploration and research vessel for environmental protection.

27.12.2021 16:27:00

Christmas Gifts with Handmade Ship Models

When Christmas gifts are preferred as handmade, they will naturally be much more valuable. If you are looking for Christmas gifts that will make your loved ones happier, the handmade Ship model is the option you are looking for.

24.12.2021 16:25:00

What is a Marine Compass? How to use it?

What is referred to as a sailor's compass is the compass that everyone uses. There are no different versions of compasses.

23.12.2021 16:23:00

Complete Your Decoration with Sailor Wall Clock Models!

You can create a beautiful and different effect in your decoration with sailor wall clock models. Wall clocks already have a significant influence on decoration nowadays.

22.12.2021 16:21:00

What Are Sailor Ties?

Marine ties are renowned for their durability and ability to carry heavy loads with ease. Knowing these ties, which have their unique methods, is a great chance for sailors.

21.12.2021 16:19:00

Nautical Themed Christmas Gift Selections

If you are looking for a Christmas gift and want both beautiful and original gifts, we can recommend gifts with a sea theme.

20.12.2021 16:16:00

What is the Amateur Seaman's Certificate?

We will provide information for those who are wondering what the amateur sailor certificate is for and why exactly it is taken. Those who are expressed as amateur seafarers are those who respect the marine ecosystem and devote their hearts to the sea, without any expectation of commercial gain.

19.12.2021 16:09:00

Reflect Your Style with Mini Trinket Models!

Mini trinket models can be easily used decoratively in many areas of living spaces. The most important feature of these products is that they do not take up space because they are small, and they create much more impact than their size.

18.12.2021 16:05:00

Create Stylish Home Decorations with Brass Material!

Brass material has recently started to be preferred in decorative products. The most important reason for this is that brass products look better quality and richer.

17.12.2021 15:17:00

How is sailing done? What You Should Know About Sailing!

The question of how to do sailing has started to be wondered more recently because the sport has started to become increasingly popular in our country.