4.07.2023 17:29:17

Maritime Goods Enthusiasm at Maritime and Cabotage Festival Celebrations in Kuşadası

The Maritime Goods stand, which took place in the Maritime and Cabotage Festival events held in Kuşadası district, presented the appreciation of those who attended the holiday celebrations. Kusadasi District Governor Sadettin Yücel to the Maritime Goods exhibition stand for the celebrations

4.02.2023 10:04:00

Special Gifts Prepared for Blue Homeland Lovers Take Their Place in the Showcases

Due to the 'February 14 Valentine's Day', which has been celebrated around the world for nearly 16 centuries, activity has begun to occur in many sectors.

5.12.2022 12:40:04

Christmas Gifts are Ready for Sea Fans and Blue Homeland Fans

While many people were excited for the New Year in December, Maritime Goods Blog attracted attention with its new year gift alternatives for sea lovers and blue homeland fans.

19.08.2022 12:31:00

Models of ships, each more beautiful than the other, are spreading from Kuşadası to Turkey.

The Maritime Goods brand, based in Aydın's Kuşadası district, is spreading all over Turkey with the production and sale of ship models combining patience and handcraft.

23.11.2020 17:36:00

It was among the most luxurious of blue waters, now it turned to Aliaga for dismantling

13.11.2020 11:27:00

Nautica Goods attends the International Boat Show Maritime Fair

11.11.2020 11:22:00

Coronavirus also negatively affected life above water

30.10.2020 15:54:00

Mega Yachts route to Turkey

19.10.2020 21:06:00

Nautica Goods team at Eurasia Boat Show 2021

8.10.2020 15:31:00

Legendary yacht anchored in Kuşadası marina

8.10.2020 15:15:00

The pandemic process has increased interest in ship models

30.09.2020 15:49:00

Technology-invincible lighthouses, still the biggest helper of seafarers

25.09.2020 11:34:00

Once the most favorite ships of the seas, now it's waiting for dismantling

14.09.2020 13:11:00

Being calm saves lives everywhere

3.09.2020 18:30:00

For a healthy trip on the water; be sure to check the weather forecast