What is the Hunting Ban in the Seas? When is it starting?

What is the Hunting Ban in the Seas? When is it starting?

Hunting bans are a measure taken to protect our seas and fish. A sea hunting ban is a practice in which the hunting of certain types of fish is prohibited between certain dates. This ban was introduced to protection for the reproduction and continuation of fish species. During the hunting ban period, those fish species cannot be caught in the seas.

The ban on fishing can be applied at different times and for different durations for each fish species, or it can be generally banned in all inland water sources, rivers, dams, lakes and ponds, and seas, as it is practiced in our country.

The hunting ban is generally applied during the breeding period of the fish. For example, according to the hunting ban calendar determined for 2023 in Turkey, it is implemented between April 15-August 31.

Hunting ban dates are set for conservation purposes for the continuation of fish species. Those who do not comply with this ban may face legal sanctions. Therefore, it is important to check the fishing ban calendar and comply with the ban before fishing in the seas.

The fishing ban dates in Turkey may change every year. However, it is generally determined by taking into account the breeding period of the fish species and it is mandatory to comply with this prohibition. Below are the fishing ban dates set for 2023:

Anchovy: 15 February-1 September

Horse mackerel: 15 March-15 April

Sea Bream: 15 April-15 May

Sea Bass: 1 July-31 July

Mullet: July 1 - July 31

Haddock: 1 February-31 March

Sardines: 15 March-15 April

Shield: 15 April-15 May

Kidney beans: 15 May-15 June

Karagöz: 15 May-15 June

Bluefish: 15 August-15 September

Bonito: 15 August-15 September

Swordfish: April 15 - May 15 and September 1-30

Lobster: April 15-August 31

These dates are provided as examples only and are subject to change. You can follow the official websites of the relevant ministries or contact the local fishing associations and hunting associations for more up-to-date and precise information about the fishing ban dates at sea. As Maritime Goods blog; We think that the fishing ban has very positive contributions and we strongly state that excessive and unregulated fishing means the destruction of our seafood, which is a very important wealth, therefore we must comply with the bans of all our fisheries fishermen.