Ufresh's Birthplace

Nazilli, Aydin, Turkey

Ufresh is a brand of Ugur Integrated Food Company and is a representative of Ugur Group of Companies, which has managed to create strong brands in its sector. Ugur Group of Companies, which has created leading brands in the sectors it has invested in since 1954, established the Ufresh brand in Nazilli district in 2011. Ufresh's journey of taste, which started in 2011, continues today with its high quality products and qualified sales network. Ufresh; It offers the highest quality nuts, Turkish delight, coffee, dragee, oil and dried fruit products to its consumers without sacrificing taste and freshness.

Ufresh prepares carefully selected delicacies from all over Turkey, especially Nazilli, which is famous for its fertile soil, in its facilities equipped with advanced technology with a total area of ​​18,000 square meters, 7,500 square meters of which is closed. Delicacies, which are carefully produced by passing many controls in Ufresh production facilities, are prepared for our valuable consumers. Ufresh products are kept in the freshness of the first day with the food storage experience and trust of Ugur Cooling for more than 65 years.

Ufresh; It gains the trust and satisfaction of its customers thanks to its professional business awareness and superior quality service it offers with its expert staff.

Ufresh, which has succeeded in meeting all the demands and needs of its customers all over Turkey with its website, adds new products to its product group day by day and improves its quality product range. It breaks grounds in Turkey with its services offered exclusively to consumers with different packaging, weight and subscription systems.

Ufresh has been serving its valued customers with the slogan "Taste of the Moment" and its superior quality assurance, which has been the first priority of protecting the freshness of its products since its establishment.

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